Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sneak Peak Julian's 5th Birthday!

Have not posted in a while...been super busy (which is a good thing) ..been working on orders and parties..all the fun things I SO LOVE!!

Julian’s 5th Birthday is this WEEKEND!! Just started working on his party... I always think next time I MUST plan early..but I don’t know what it is about MY kids parties..always wait until the last minute..he is having a Surf theme party! He is super excited! Here is his birthday party invitation..hope to have tons of orange, blue, and a bit of green at the party..

Wish me luck..I have a couple of days to bring this party to life!! I Will take tons of photos and post sometime next week!



P.S. I will be featuring (soon) my good friend Lacey son’s (Cameron) 2nd Sesame Street Party..she did such a good job!!

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