Monday, July 5, 2010

Red, White, & Blue Ladybug Party!!

Hope everyone had a HAPPY 4th of July holiday!! I was super busy..but in a good way! As I previously posted..a special lil ladybug wanted her birthday party on the 4th of July. We decided to change the traditional ladybug colors of red and black to red and blue. I have to admit..I LOVE the colors..Red, White, & Too Cute!!!

Here are some photos and details, hope you find inspiration for your next 4th of July or Ladybug party.


Sweets & Treats Buffet Table

Wrapped cardboard A in a cute red gingham fabric, added ribbon and photo,
hung above the sweets & treats table.

Treats included red & blue glitter pencils & pens, star rings,
sparkly wands, washable tattoos, peace necklaces & bubbles

Sweets included a variety of red and blue candies, cupcakes, & cake.

Family Photo Banner

1st centerpiece was made of red and white flowers in the cutest polka dot tins ( it!!) topped with a photo of birthday girl. 2nd centerpiece was a clear vase filled with red candies, wrapped with blue gingham ribbon, happy birthday label, and topped with a big Ladybug (added her lil face) and a 7 in the middle.

Treat for adults! Pomegranate Margaritas..very yummy..we labeled it "Bug Juice" I saw this on the Livin Life With Leah blog..thought it was the cutest!! Thanks for the idea Leah!

The Ladybug (Alysa)
Alysa and MY lil firecracker (Izabella)

It was a great party, kids got to swim, bounce (there was a bouncer), eat snow cones and tons of food!! Oh..and lets not forget..there was fireworks!! Happy Birthday Alysa!!!

Hugs & Besos,

P.S. Invitations, cupcake toppers, candy and favor labels, centerpieces, & photo banner were made by tiniposh..for more information on prices and how to order email love custom orders!!

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