Thursday, December 2, 2010

Our Santa List...

Here is a list of things we SOOO wish Santa would bring us this Christmas!

  1. A perfect thing or place to store our ribbons and tulle..we love our ribbons and tulle BUT we feel like we let them down..there has to be a better solution than those unattractive storage boxes they call home..booo!!
  2. New fancy office chairs..yep we sit on our boodies most of the day (blogging, crafting, updating our Etsy shops, emailing...and so on!) Chairs that are not only comfortable but look FABULOUS would be a dream come true!!
  3. An office (aka craft room) that looks just like the crazy Christmas Target lady..have you seen her craft room??? YES..that would be SWEET!!
  4. More ribbon, tulle, and bling : )
  5. A Silhouette machine (since we’re dreaming!)
  6. Someone to update our blog, Facebook, Etsy shops, website, etc...everyday! (Ok every other day!)
  7. Interns, who can sew, read our thoughts, craft, take professional photos, and don’t want to get paid (since we are dreaming!!)
  8. Shelves in the garage organized with labeled baskets (Martha Stewart style)! Oh sweet hubby of mine..we have already taken over your space..sorry..let’s just make it look nice : )
  9. A magical movie or thing that would keep our children entertained for at least two hours of uninterrupted work time (EVERYDAY)
  10. An Easy button (like the staples commercial..but PINK) push the button and all our ideas would turn into reality ...without the misses and oops that was NOT suppose to happen moments! LOL!

That’s our Santa let’s just hope WE are on his NICE list!! What is on your list this year??? Do share!!

Merry Everything..23 days and counting!

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  1. Sounds like we have similar Christmas lists! I hope Santa is good to you!

  2. I hope santa brings you every last thing on your list! We, I mean Ava, is hoping for mickey dance star:) lol

  3. Thank you ladies!! I hope Santa brings you everything on you lists!!

  4. Hope you get everything on your wishlist! I am SO sorry, because something happened to the email you sent a while back about me helping you out in some way?? If you want to try again, since I'm just now remembering, feel free! Again, SO sorry!

  5. Your list sounds like mine but adding to my list would be, my hubby FINALLY cleaning out the garage for me, so I may have a space to WORK! But I won't hold my breath on that last one! >:(


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