Monday, March 28, 2011

Dress the Party ..Butterfly Theme

Brooke’s mama Jennifer contacted us to order some favor boxes and candy buffet labels for a small party she was planning for Brooke’s 5th birthday.

She was undecided on what she wanted..but the she knew that Brooke would be wearing this darling little dress...

So I ran with it..created these custom favor boxes and candy buffet labels using the dress as my inspiration..

Girls boxes had sweet butterflies fluttering around the gorgeous birthday girl..

We decided not to include the butterflies for the boys boxes..kept the same design..just less girly..

Candy buffet labels

So what do you think?? How did I do?? Did I DRESS this party??

Well I am happy to say Mama love them..hope little Brooke loves them too..we will find out..her party is this Friday!

Happy 5th Birthday Brooke the Butterfly! Hope you have a wonderful party!




  1. ahhhh LOVE that idea :)


  2. Love Brooke's butterfly dress! Super cute :) Happy b-day to Brooke!

  3. Thanks are always too sweet : )

    @Brooke..LOVING your blog..just became your newest follower!

  4. Girl you rocked it!! Pure genius to use the dress as inspiration! It's a gorgeous dress btw.

  5. Thanks J!

    @ Cat..LOL I just noticed earlier I called you Brooke..sorry!

  6. Adorable ... I love the color combo : )

  7. Great Ideas and love your site and some of you party favors. I work for a website which is a nationwide entertainment directory - we reach thousands of people on a weekly basis. We would love to get some of your ideas, photos, etc. and if we use them we will link them to your site to promote your business. You can also sign up under our free vendor listing. We are getting ready to have a competition - check us out at

    Great Job!


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