Friday, November 11, 2011

Caitlyn's Dohl (1st Birthday Celebration)

This little doll (Caitlyn) belongs to my dear sweet friend Helen. She recently celebrated her Dohl. A Korean 1st birthday celebration that involves praying, giving thanks, wearing a Hanbok (Han-bok), preparing a  special table, performing the Toljabee, and sharing food with the guests and neighbors. I was beyond honored that Helen asked me to help her with this very special celebration.

Helen decided on a "White Tiger" theme, since Caitlyn was born in the year of the white tiger (which  is suppose to be a very lucky year).  I found the perfect little tiger graphic on Etsy and changed it to white and added a little flower to give it a girly touch! Since I was not going to be able to help Helen set up the day of the Dohl, I created a diagram for her to get an idea of how to set up her table.

What do you think?? From diagram to reality!! Mama did good!
Precious birthday girl!

The super ADOHLABLE cake toppers were made by the fabulous Lynlee of Lynlee Petite Cakes. Her work is truly amazing!  The table also included the traditional rice cakes, flowers, and fruit (lemons).
The little white tiger cookies made by Roni of Roni Sugar Creations. Are they not the cutest??
Helen found a great tutorial on how to make your own Dohl towers on the Korean 1st Birthday Blog. She used the tiger template I sent to her to make the tiger dohl tower, however making the flower with the beans or candy was a little complicated so I made her a little fabric flower instead. 
Beyond love these!

I made the letter blocks using pink and yellow boxes. So super easy to make..a tutorial coming soon.
Toljabee involves placing items infront of baby such as needle and thread, book, pencil or pen, rice cake and money. It is believed that the item the baby selects will tell the child's future. The first and second items the baby chooses are the most important, since Miss Caitlyn chose the money and the pen this means she will be wealthy and a scholar. Yay Caitlyn!!
Caitlyn's Birthday outfits, a sweet ruffled romper and her Hanbok.

Nothing better than learning new traditions right??! Especially when they are so special and sweet. I truly enjoyed    it and hope to be able to do it again someday!

Thank you Helen for allowing me to be a small part of your wonderful celebration. Happy Birthday to your ADOHLABLE little tiger!



  1. OH MY GOSH, SO precious and fun!

  2. This is the most adorable theme! Great job with diagram. That's super cool! Mama did an amazing job too! Where can I get a ruffle romper? Too cute!

  3. Absolutely adorable!!! She is just too sweet and it all looks beautiful! Those Dohl towers are gorgeous! You and Helen did a fabulous job! ♥

  4. Thanks ladies!! J the rompers are available at Tini Posh..wink wink!!

  5. Claudia,, everything looks amazing,,, you guys did a great job,,,

  6. What a sweet dessert table...just like the adorable little celebrant!

  7. So sweet of you to create the graphic for table layout. I usually draw on scratch paper, this is so professional!

  8. Cuuuuute! Dohl towers amaze me! So gorgeous!

  9. Thank you ladies!! Carmen..not so! I only did it this way because I cannot draw at ALL!!


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