Monday, April 26, 2010

Izabella's Ballerina Party

Izabella turned two this January and we were “tutu” excited! It was so much fun planning her party. Coming up with a theme was easy..she loves to dance..a ballerina party was perfect for her.

Above are some photos of her party...

  1. Izabella’s invitations read “We are “Tutu” excited Izabella is Turning Two, Come Twirl With Our Ballerina”. I added some tulle and a tiny pearl to each invitation. Guest were asked to dress their tini ballerinas in leotards
  2. I created photo cupcake toppers of our ballerina, added the birthday hat, a number 2 and glitter to give them some bling
  3. Centerpieces (found these great polka dot brown tins at Target) filled with pink and white flowers and sparkly butterflies, added ribbon and a personalized tag
  4. Party favors for girls, a personalized tag and tissue streamers were added to pink bags, which were filled with candy, tiaras, rings, wands and other girly things
  5. Party favors for boys, (did not think the boys would appreciate the pink girly bags) made them black and white gable boxes with a photo of Izabella wearing a pirate hat , which were filled with pirate toys and candy
  6. Made lots of pom poms (different shades of pink)
  7. Pinata, ballerina slipper
  8. Made a photo banner of our little ballerina
  9. Boys were given pirate hats, eye patches, swords, and treasure maps
  10. Birthday Girl wearing her tutu!!
  11. Tutus, crowns, and ballet slippers were given to each ballerina
  12. Converted office into the “Ballerina Dressing Room”
  13. Made our little ballerina a sparkly birthday crown.. super cute cupcake made by a family friend Lindsay (it was delicious!)

We rented a pink castle jumper with a slide.. it was great to see all the tini boys and girls coming down in their pirate and ballerina outfits..we played musical chairs..and were suppose to have a dance recital and dance contest but Izabella was tutu tired...and so was mom!

Happy Planning!


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