Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tini Customers: Lettuce Celebrate! Veggie Tales Party

Our customer Dorinda from Houston, Texas asked us to make a custom party package for her little guy Ju'elz. He is turning ONE and he adores the Veggie Tales! Such sweet cartoons with an even sweeter message for the kiddies! Loved working on this project..here is a sneak peak...

My goal was to try to keep the design simple but fun! I love working with Dorinda (this is our second custom party for her)..her only request was that I add a different scripture to each centerpiece..such a lovely detail!

Thank you Dorinda for allowing us to create something special for your little guy! Enjoy the party on Saturday! Takes lots of photos but most of all have TONS of fun!!



  1. ♥In Love♥ So Cute... Love all of the scriptures! :o)

  2. Where can I get these labels? My son turns 2 and I love this idea!!


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