Sunday, April 25, 2010

BaBy Q Shower

Barbara (Amanda’s mom) and I co hosted a baby shower for my brother Xavier and my
sister-in-law Amanda. It was so much fun, I truly enjoyed planning the shower. When I was shopping for my daughter’s birthday party supplies in February, I came across the “Tickled Blue” plates for a baby shower. When Amanda asked me if I had any ideas in mind, I emailed her the plate..she loved it..and convinced my brother to have a Co-Ed shower, which he agreed to with the exception that while the women played games and did all the girly things...he and the guys would be outside having BBQ. I loved the idea..and that is how the Tickled Blue Baby Q theme shower came to be.

When I plan showers or parties, I try to search for photos or ideas online and create an inspiration board, but sometimes photos are difficult to find..thought I would share photos of our BaBy Q shower and ideas in hopes they are helpful in your planning.

Plate inspired the color above include:

(Photo Collage 1)

  1. Invitation which read "We are tickled blue, Xavier and Amanda are having a lil buckaroo, joins us for a BaBy Q Shower"
  2. A diaper wreath greeted guests at the door
  3. Lots and lots of blue, white, and polka dot pom poms
  4. Diaper cake wrapped in fabric and ribbon topped with a pom pom
  5. Game gifts for guests (which included either BBQ theme or blue theme gifts)
  6. Hung baby clothes on the fireplace mantel and his name above on cute huge clothes pins
  7. No BBQ is complete without Lemonade.. as their signature drink we made lemonade with Absolut Citron..labeled lemonade " David's Countrystyle Lemonade made with baby sweetener" David is baby's name
  8. Had a manzanita tree where guest where asked to cover the tree with advice for parents to be or blessings and love for baby
  9. For favors we gave guests Lemonade mix in Mason Jars covered with blue fabric and labeled "David Countrystyle Lemonade made with Baby Sweetener Amanda & Xavier's BaBy Q Shower April 17, 2010" and It's a Boy blue bubble gum cigars
  10. Flowers and more flowers in these cute tricycles I found at Michaels (love these) and of course a photo of our lil David.
(Photo Collage 2)
  1. More baby clothes hung above out patio door
  2. Barbara brought Amanda's brother's (Robert) lil boots to add a special touch to our decor..too cute
  3. Outside we set up our tent with more pom poms, blue and brown tablecloths, white, green, and yellow flowers in mason jars and baby bottles, and hung a baby shower banner
  4. Tri Tip (cooked by a family friend Steve) it was DELICIOUS! Along with Tri Tip we served potato salad (Rose thank you!), rice (my sister Norma makes the best rice), green salad, fruit kabobs, spinach and artichoke dip, chips and salsa
  5. Barbara brought the adorable cake, decorated in blue, yellow, and green, with our lil David's name on it
  6. Mom to be (Amanda) enjoying fruit kabobs and family & friends company
  7. It is one of Barbara's family traditions to save the flower petals from the wedding and sprinkle them over the heads of parents to be (Xavier & Amanda) by their parents (Barbara & Gene, Teresa & Javier) this will bring blessings to baby and parents to was great to include this tradition..we were all in tears!
It was a beautiful we just wait till we meet our lil buckaroo "David Ryan Sigala"..can't wait!

a super excited aunt,

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  1. very sweet! I love all the details! The wreath and favors are my fav!

    Kim @
    party inspiration

  2. Thank you Kim..coming from you it's an honor..I LOVE your blog!



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