Sunday, May 29, 2011

Memorial Day Family BBQ/ Julian's 6th Birthday Celebration

My brother Xavier and his family live in Washington and are visiting this week. We decided to host a small Memorial Day family BBQ for the family to come over to visit, eat some good food and have some family fun. Also, to kill two birds with one stone we decide to celebrate Julian's 6th birthday.

Because it was so last minute (you know I am the last minute queen) I did not have time to order online and I did not want to spend to much mula the BBQ includes a lot of DIY, upcycling, and bargain shopping (aka Dollar Stores).

Every great party starts at the door right?? Since Natalie from The Knock Knock Factory (aka Little Shindigs) also lives in So Cal, she was able to make this FUN red, white, and cute BBQ wreath. Her details were beyond amazing!
The weather was perfect setting up outside in the morning! Sunny and beautiful..then all of a sudden oh oh..the WIND! Everything was moving..we tried to get a good shot with everything in its place but it was hard, therefore the forks and straws are not perfectly alined and the paper fans..that were suppose to be my backdrop not perfectly centered..What can you do right? Thought you would appreciate the not so perfect table.
Julian's jumbo cupcake made by Ralphs (yes the grocery store)
Cupcakes made by Sams..I decorated them with gummy hamburgers, hotdogs, and candy buttons from Dollar Tree..thanks to Natalie's fab idea!
The favors were tinny cherry and blueberry pies and
tini jars filled with blue gumballs and raspberry candy
Favor pie idea was inspired by this Style Me Pretty photo found via Pinterest
Star watermelon and blueberry cup idea came from Chica and Jo (also found via Pinterest).
Love using mason jars for our summer parties, had some left over from last years BaByQ. The Star flags I made with upcycled 4th of July popcorn boxes from last year. The tini pinwheels I purchased at Micheals 6 for $1.50! Thank you J for the heads up!
So I must admit..I did not make the paper fans..purchased them at Party City. $6.50 for all of them, just added the six to the middle and presto!
Kept the table centerpieces simple, I used coke bottles and large mason jars to hold flowers.
The kiddies drank cherry and blueberry Kool Aid juices, the grown peeps (like me) drank cranberry juice with fresh blueberries mixed with vodka..yummy!
Menu included good all american food, hamburgers, hot dogs, corn on the cob, potato chips
Sweet treats included snowcones, cupcakes, peanuts, and fresh fruit cups
This is my most favorite decoration..I made the banner triangles and left the center blank for Julian to write his own name..made the banner extra special! The little guy truly enjoyed being my little helper..a memory I will have forever.
DIY canvas photos (total project was about $12.00 for all 6 photos..will post a tutorial soon).
Another quick and easy DIY I purchased large number 6 at the 99 cents store..wrapped it in yarn.
$2.oo DIY flag banner inspired by this photo on Pinterest.
Julian's last minute request (he is the last minute prince..LOL) a Spongebob pinata..yes I know does not match the theme but it did make my little guy very happy! And not to mention it made the adults laugh..why does the candy come out of there?? LOL!
Julian got lots of great gifts and cards from everyone..he was a happy little guy! But his fave gift was from Uncle Xavier and Auntie Amanda..his first Wii..he loves it!

What a great day! It was a lot of fun getting the family together, eating great food, having yummy drinks and celebrating my little mans birthday!

Happy Memorial Day!

P.S. Thanks so much Xavier for the great photos, if you live in the Everett, Washington area and need a children's or small events photographer send me an email at can give you Xavier's contact information..his photos are amazing and prices are very reasonable!


  1. Thiis what you can do last minute?!? This looks better than what I plan for 6 months! LOL!! Everything looked awesome! Glad you got the pinwheels after all :) And WOW, Natalie did that wreath last minute?!? Omg. Fab.

  2. Thanks girls : ) Nat's wreath is really fab..will bring it back out for the 4th!

  3. LOVE this party idea...TOO CUTE :) LOVE the mini hamburgers and hot dogs on the cupcakes, SO CREATIVE :) looks like fun too!!!

  4. Thanks Marissa! You are always too sweet!


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