Monday, February 27, 2012

Baby Sophia - DIY Newborn Photoshoot

We had the most precious tini visitor this weekend...our great niece Sophia. You might remember her black, white and pink baby shower I posted about hereBaby Sophia is a month old now, she is so sweet and lovable. To be honest I just wanted to squeeze her!

I could not resist the urge to play photographer for the day. With such cuteness how could I not right??!

Checkout my DIY photoshoot.

Items required:
Fabric (about 3 yards)
Clothing rack
Throw Pillow
Soft Blanket
A Newborn Tutu and Headband (Tini Divas...wink wink!)
A super cute baby : )

I used a clothing rack to hold up the fabric for the backdrop.
(I know ghetto style but it works.)
Clipped the fabric to the top of the clothing rack with clothespins (like this).

Placed a throw pillow inside a basket. Covered it with one of Izabella's baby blankets. Set up the backdrop and basket in the room that had the most natural light. 
Got her all dolled up in her new tutu and headband. Note ribbon tied tutus are better than elastic waist tutus when taking newborn photos. You can just untie and place over the baby. 

Then I just clicked away!
I know they are not close to the gorgeous photos professional photographers take. But it is always fun to play and do new things right??! Especially when you have a cutie like this in front of you!

I think we found our newest Tini model..welcome Sophia.  


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