Monday, January 31, 2011

Lil Miss Priss Party - Izabella's 3rd Birthday

As promised here are some photos and details of Izabella's 3rd Birthday party...our Lil Miss Priss had a blast and so did the all the other tini girls! Cupcakes and Makeovers for three year olds was a lot of fun..but exhausting..LOL! But I would do it again.. to see their little faces when they walked in and saw all the goodies filled my heart with joy..and made everything worth it!

Izabella is a girly girl, loves to put on my shoes, makeup,walks around the house with a purse full of junk and LOVES her ruffled undies ..LOL! When I stumbled upon the "Miss Priss" print from London Bridge Childrens Etsy I instantly fell in LOVE!! This is so her!! This print became my inspiration for her party.

Since it was a small party of six girls it was really nice to be able to do more small touches for each of them. I made them tanks, tutus, pearl necklaces & bracelets, Blinged out hair bows and my favorite (idea that the fab Natalie of Little Shindigs gave me) shawls or capelets for each of the girls. Also purchased ruffled undies, rings, lipgloss, nail polish, bubble bath, "Beauty Sleep" eye covers, and purses.

My hubby works in Los Angeles..thank goodness..I was able to send him to the LA flower district to purchase a couple bundles of pink and white roses ( I usually make the trip myself but I got sick a couple days before theparty and was still recovering)..made small flower arrangements for the their table using the roses, feathers and bling. Filled the house with the leftover pink and white roses. The fab Brittany of Grey Grey Designs made the adorable bow holder..isn't it the cutest?? You must visit her etsy shop! The "Izabella" banner on the fireplace was made with the most wonderful find at Michael's dollar bins! They have all sorts of color dollies (I think 10 in a pack)..just brought out the Cricut cut out the letters used double sided tape to adhere to the dollies and strung it through a pearl easy!!

I decided that the perfect place to place the girls table was her room..its already pink and girly, it was the perfect setting. Purchased the damask and ruffled fabric and used them both as table cloths. Decided to do a tini sweets and treats was just their size..they LOVED that!

The sweets were a big hit! Thanks to the lovely ladies that made the cutest sweets ever!! Terri from Terri's Treasures made the adorable Lil Miss Priss Cake Pops, Nikki at The Sweetest Thing made the super cute purse and high heel shoe cookies, and the lovely Rose made the cake balls and ruffled cake. The Lip Taffy Pops I purchased at Walmart..what a great find..the girls
loved everything!!

The girls really enjoyed getting pampered..and I soo enjoyed all the tini beauties! Especially my lil priss..seeing her happy..makes me happy!

(I wanted to share this adorable gift from Latisha from Eccentric Designs gave Izabella.. she designed this beautiful plate..I LOVE..she LOVES too! What an adorable gift right?? She can make any type of personalized must visit her website!..Thank you Tish!)

Sorry for the LONG post..But I do hope this helps plan your next "Lil Miss Priss" or girly party!



  1. LOVE that you set up the party table in her room! GENIUS idea!

  2. what a fun party theme! It looks much detail! Super cute and looks like they all had FUN!!!

  3. So adorable! It looks like the girls had a blast too!

  4. Everything look so precious and I LOVE LOVE LOVE that it was in her room! That makes it so intimate and special! I want this party for me! LOL!

  5. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!! I can't wait for a little girl to dress up and throw parties for! :o) Great Job, Claudia! ♥♥♥ D

  6. WOW!!!!!!!!!! What a fabulous party girl! You nailed the details and that plate is to die for! Well done : )


  7. I too the love the fact that the party was in her room! Brilliant! I can't get over how cute this party is, I really can't! Do you mind if I share this post on my Fb page? PLEEEEEEASE!!! :)

  8. Thank you ladies for the super sweet comments! Of course not J! I would be honored!!

  9. So cute and girly - LOVE IT!

  10. You thought of everything girl:) I love the tutus most of all. And of course the colour palette. All the little touches make it wonderful. Your children are so lucky that from all the women in the world, God selected you to be their mummy. Janexx

  11. Awww thatnks for the shout out Claudia ... you're the best!

  12. WOW!!! SOOO girly!! I LOVE it!!!
    makes me what a baby girl that much more!! lol

  13. This is absolutely adorable! I love it!


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