Tuesday, March 1, 2011

How To Bling Up a Onesie or Tee

I promised at the beginning of the year that I would post some How To tutorials..Yes I have been bad and not posted any so far! But have no fear..my 1st tutorial is here!

I recently got a request from a very special client to create a custom bling onesie for her daughter’s 1st birthday. She had ordered a onesie from Zazzle, but it was not quite what she expected. She wanted a onesie with a little more sparkle! Because I was short on time I was not able to create the custom onsesie but offered to add bling to the onesie she had ordered..she LOVED that idea!

Here is how YOU too can add bling to any of your tini ones tees or onesies. Add bling to a new tee or revamp an old one..upcycling is the new black!!


Onesie Before

Supplies needed

Tweezers and an Iron

Hot Fix rhinestones (you can purchase them at Michaels, Joanns, or any crafty store)

Place bling on top of the text or wherever you want to add it (facing up). Keep doing this until done

Press on the bling with the hot iron (no steam) for about 20 seconds or until the bling is glued onto the onesie or tee

Presto! You are done!

Pair it up with a tutu... and your tini one is sure to look super sweet!

Easy right? Are you going to try it? Hope so!! If you do we would love to see..email us photos!!

One promise down..a zillion more to go..LOL!!



P.S. Violet’s party is this weekend are her crafty mama created everything for her adorable monkey birthday party..from invitations to party hats! I can’t wait to share the photos with you..will feature her party next week or so.


  1. HOW CUTE IS THAT!!!! Brilliant idea :)

  2. Super cute and easy!

  3. Thanks ladies..I know super easy right?

  4. I just now saw this and of course I want to bling out everything I own now hee hee!

  5. LOL Lisa!! You could..it is sooo easy : )


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