Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Heart and Sew Challenge - Tini Apron

Brittany of Grey Grey Designs is hosting a HEART & SEW challenge at CPN! What is the ask?? See below...

Heart and Sew is this month's theme,

A friendly game, not too extreme,

Use needles, bobbins, thread, tape measure,

(Or fabric glue, if that's your pleasure!)

And craft whatever your heart desires,

Just so St. Valentine inspires,

Your love notes, heart wreaths, belles, or beaux,

And so they're filled with Heart and SEW.

Had to join the FUN again!! Love CPN challenges... Check out my Heart & Sew entry!!

Tini Apron..kept it simple and sweet, perfect for your tini ones to wear while they bake or craft all their fun Valentine treats.

Voting begins Monday, February 21st (here)..You must go by and check out all the adorable entries...and if YOU have not entered worries you still have time!! Four more days to be exact..what are you waiting for..YOU could be the winner of the $30 gift card to Joann Fabrics!



  1. Thanks Britt!! Sure it will not win the! But it was fun to participate : )

  2. Very cute! It really makes me look forward to when my little one is able to help out in the kitchen!

  3. good luck, this apron should win it :)


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