Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Lil Buckaroo is finally here!!

Sorry for the lack of posts..we went out of town for a couple days and I have been playing catch up since we got back! But I had to take a second to share the GREAT news!! My sweet nephew David Ryan was born on July 23rd! He is so stinkin cute!! Amanda (my lovely sister in law) was in labor for 48 hours!! She is Amazing!! Congrats Xavier and Amanda..he is ADORABLE!!

Proud Auntie,


  1. such a sweet baby! i had found your blog a long time ago, lost it and now I will follow :) I need some great ideas for my son's 4th birthday, so I'm going to look through all of your posts and see what I can find...that through the woods idea is SUPER cute!!


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