Wednesday, October 20, 2010

CPN Hostess of the week...OH MI DIOS!

Oh Mi Dios! It's official, the banner is up! I am the Hostess of the Week at CPN! Super Excited!! Who am I kidding!! I am SUPER nervous!!LOL!

I heart CPN! Natalie and her Fabulous team of party divas Kristy, Kori, Debbie, Chris and Kim have created the most wonderful place for all party fanatics (like me). I am obsessed I tell you!

When I put the kids down for a nap, in-between work, or late at night I have to get my CPN fix! It's very addicting..where else can you find a ton of AMAZING party photos and inspiration or the most talented, creative, and SUPPORTIVE women anywhere! Who speak my language??? and did I mention..super funny..they make me laugh on my gloomiest days! oh..and a time saver too!! No more searching the web (like a madwoman) for inspiration for the next shindig or when I need an answer on "Where do I buy mason jars?"..Yeah you get an answer right away!! There is always someone there to help!!

You see my dilemma I HEART it ALL!! I don't want to embarrass myself and/or network and get boooed from this happy little place (well not so little..I think it's over 500 members!!) ok shaking again!!

So if you are not busy Tuesday October 26th at 6:30 p.m. (Pacific Time)...come chat with me and the lovely ladies! It's bring your own Mar"tini" night wink wink! My hosting skills will be put to the test..I promise not to use too much of my crazy spanglish and will try to get quotes right (bad habit of saying them backwards) and will try and watch my typos!

So what do you say?? It will be fun! Subject of the night...Advice for us Newbies!! So it's a MUST for you my sister newbies..this is your chance to come ask these brilliant super talented creative women the secrets to their success! See you there!! (I hope)



P.S. Can some of you BRILLIANT SUPER TALENTED CREATIVE WOMEN come too??? We need someone to answer the Q's!!

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