Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Me... Pug Crush of the Day???

Seriously I don’t even know how I made it to the list..but it is sooo Fabuloso! Kristy of The Purple Pug has taken on a HUGE challenge..showing love to 365 amazing talented women, one for each day of the year..I love to read her crushes everyday..to be included amongst these wonderful women truly is an honor.

There is nothing blah about Kristy..her Partywear is super glittery and fun! She is the master of glitter!! Her parties always look beyond perfection and did I forget to mention she is the Vice Presidente of The Childrens Party Network?? Yeah!! You would think she would have a HUGE ego and a Attitude..but not this Amazing Mama..she is the best kind of human there is..kind, funny, clever, and honest. She is a straight shooter, tells it like it is..reminds me of Simon Cowel (just not rude..lol) and I guess I am a little like Paula a little too upbeat and ditzy..lol!! But everyone knows Simon was the star of the show..and so are you Kristy!! So Grateful!

Check out the Pug Crush of The Day...ME!

Pug Crush of the Day




P.S. Don't forget to come chat with me and the lovelies tonight at 6:30 p.m...after the chat "Craft Wars" details will be unveiled...sooo exciting..can't wait!


  1. I simply adore you...
    I am deeply in love with your new blog design. O.M.G. Beyond FABULOUS!!!!!!!

  2. She is fabulous! As are you my dear:) Jane.


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