Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Yaya’s FaBOOlous 10th Birthday Halloween Party!

Rose co owner of Tini Posh had a FaBOOlous party for her daughter Mariyah’s 10th birthday!

Inspiration for the party actually came from our Tini Diva Witch Tutu

(purple, orange, black, with a splash of zebra).

Check out Yaya’s FaBOOlous Party Details!

I channeled Natalie of Little Shindigs when setting up this Trick or Treat Table! During her chat on tips and tricks of inexpensive stylin on CPN, she said she would run around her house like a madwoman looking for items in her home she could use..

and yeah this mama did the same, not only my house but Rose’s too!!

Candle sticks, trays, wreath, empty boxes, anything I could find!!

This Manzanita tree has been the BEST $20.00 purchase ever!! Yep it’s the same tree from the BaByQ Shower and Roxy’s Quinceanera! This time I decided to add photos of the beautiful birthday girl, purchase these adorable frames at Michaels, added her photo and ribbon..BUT it was still not complete it needed some SPARKLE..added this adorable GLITTERY BOO centerpiece flag made by The Purple Pug and PRESTO..we got a centerpiece.

Now check out these super cute GLITTERY cupcake toppers ..yep the work of The Purple Pug again! Kristy’s work is AMAZING! Let me tell you we have tried working with glitter before and we get nowhere close to this perfection!

On Thursday the Amazing Genevieve of Celebrate Today the Superchick Way posted these adorable Glo Balls with Eye Ball Pops..LOVE THEM! But had to change them up a bit due to our color palette..found these zebra cakes..and again..Presto..thanks G! And who says a feather wreath only belongs on the door???

Another amazing crafty mama made the fabulous Trick or Treat and Boo Banners..Lisa from Party Flair Creations was great to work with..and lucky for us she only lives 10 minutes away!

Awwww the MESH...we so heart this mesh..so inexpensive and great!! We draped it on the ceiling, used it as a table cloth, Rose even draped it on her chandelier (sorry no photo) and window coverings...it looked fabulous!

What’s a party without a pinata...love, love, love this spidey pinata auntie Claire

picked up at an undisclosed location..wink wink!

Some other small touches throughout the party..treats, glittery castle,

flower arrangement made by the fab Rose, glittery BEWARE sign, and some sweets.

Last but not least...YAYA! Yaya and her friends having a blast!

Happy 10th Birthday Mariyah!!! Hope you loved your faBOOlous party!!!

Love You!!



P.S. To purchase glittery goods from The Purple Pug go here, Party Banners from Party Flair Creations go here, and our fab services..go here!


  1. Claudia...LOL on the chanelling thing! Everything looks great and so much fun:)

    Isn't Kristys stuff so shiny. I cannot wait to use her flags for my sons birthday in a couple weeks!!!

    Thanks for the shout out. I am tickled and flattered at THE SAME TIME!

  2. This is amazing! You guys really do a great job, such an inspiration for a newbie like myself. LOVE IT!


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