Friday, November 12, 2010

CPN Craft Wars - Battle Numero UNO!

Mission: To create something creative, fabulous, and child birthday/party related incorporating a cereal box

Had to join the FUN!! Best part about this challenge..did not have to buy any supplies! Used left over scraps (killed two birds with one stone!!) Check out my crafty creation!!

Numero Uno Apple Jacks Birthday Hat

Made with a Apple Jacks, feather boa, ribbon, and BLING!

The little APPLE of my eye..Izabella modeling the blingy hat!

Come vote for my crafty creation or go check out all the other fabulous entries! Can't wait to see them all!! Sure they will be ridiculously cute (and way better than my hat..LOL!) Voting begins Monday, November 15th and ends Sunday, November 21st..Vote here!

Have a Fab Weekend!


  1. Wow, this is going to be tight race! I love it Claudia, so super cute...the hat and the kid :)

  2. Thanks ladies!! I am sure I won't be the winner..I've seen the comp..AMAZING! But it was fun!! CPN and their great ideas : )

  3. Love it! Izabella is THE PERFECT model! Good Luck!
    Genevieve (AKA Superchick!) =)

  4. Love your party hat - so creative! And kudos to your ridiculously cute model!!


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