Tuesday, June 26, 2012

25 Things You Do Not Know About Me

Both Brittany from GreyGrey Designs and Natalie from The Knock Knock Factory were sweet enough to tag me in this fun game " 25 Things You Do Not Know About Me". Let's see...

1. I am a Libra - Chill and easygoing but will not be ordered or bossed around. Not how I operate.
2. I have two left feet. Worst.Dancer.Ever.
3. I believe in paying it forward, giving with my heart and never forgetting those that helped me along the way.
4. The hubby and I have been married 7 happy years (and yes he is the only one scratching my itch..hehe), together 13 years. I love him more each and every day.
5. My besties and I have known each other for over 20 years. They are my “Waiting to Exhale” B’s : )

(This is us last week..LOL more like many many years ago)
6. Izabella and I have the same middle name (Liset).
7. I do not cook or bake. Sometimes I wish I did (especially when I see something yummy on Pinterest). 
8. I am 5’1 and about 20 pounds overweight..ok who am I kidding..maybe 30.
9. I want a boob job, reduction that is.
10. Izabella and Julian are my LIFE. Brings such joy to my heart to hear them talk, play, learn, laugh but most of all pray at night.

11. Adore people that work hard and stay humble.
12. I love all sorts of music from Mana to Drake.
13. Crafting is my therapy. It keeps me sane (sorta).
14. I love to sing in the car, shower, and while I work.
15. My parents are my heros. Thank god for them everyday. 
16. Everything I know I taught myself. Trial and error is the best way to learn. 
17. Love to get manis and pedis. 
18. Favorite shows besides reality TV Parenthood, Smash, Mad Men, The Killing.
19. YES I am addicted to reality TV, RH of anywhere, Bethany, Basketball Wives, Love and Hip Hop....FYI I am so Team Melissa : )
20. I cried when I found out that my first born was going to be a boy. I am a girly girl, did not know what I would do with a boy. NOW I could not imagine my life without trains, cars, dirt, and all things boy.

21. I think I have adult ADD. Seriously. So hard for me to finish one project.
22. I am an optimist. Believe there is more good than bad in the world.
23. I curse a tini bit.
24. I did not got to college. Explains all the typos.
25. Sunday family days are my favorite day of the week.

So now you know...

I am suppose to tag five more ladies, but I think everyone has been tagged already. But if you have not, Tag YOU are it!!



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