Monday, August 2, 2010

Lil Al's Hip Hop Bash!

Who is a “Brown Sugar” fan! OK so I am!! Seriously..when Lil Al’s mom told me he wanted a 13th birthday party that revolved around music (his love) the first thing that came to mind was the Brown Sugar tagline!! “When did you first fall in love with hip hop??”

I pictured Boomboxes, Graffiti, Breakdancing, Hip Hop!!!

As a tribute to Hip Hop past & present we threw together this 13th Birthday Bash!

Invitations set the tone...

Decorations- Boombox Centerpieces, Graffiti Happy Birthday Banner,
Photo Collage, Light up Rings

Favors - CD's (Birthday Boy Favorite Beats) rings, sunglasses, and glow in the dark bracelets,
DJ Dizzy Rocked the party,
IPod Cake made by Lindsay, BBoy making a wish!!

Dancing Contest! and the winner is ..Sammy he is six years wouldn't believe his moves! (check out the cardboard dance floor, breakdancer style)

Lol! My lil Run!! (Julian having some fun!)

Birthday Boy (Al) and his friends!

This party was off the hook!! Food was delicious, the music was great (from old school to present hip hop), and the dancing was a ton of fun to watch!

Thank you Lil Al! Hope you enjoyed you birthday bash as much as we did!!

Hip Hop & Love,

*Custom Invitations, Boombox Centerpieces & CD Covers made by Tini Posh.


  1. now that is COOL! Love that idea, and sooooo fun for kids! I keep trying to get my three year old to dance, but he gets embarassed and stops! Ha!

  2. Those invites rock...and so do you literally!

  3. Thanks Marissa and Jackie! Lol Julian is not much of a dancer either!!

  4. Hi... I am Lauren from Ten23 Designs ( - I found you via Catch My Party. I love you work... especially this one. I think my 12 year old may use some of this as inspiration when planning his 13th birthday bash.

    If you ever need custom decals for event decor, I'd be happy to work with you... again, I think your work is great!

  5. OMG! He looks sooooo happy! Which to me, means a job well done! Hot theme & fab invites!
    Genevieve AKA Superchick!


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