Monday, July 25, 2011

"Wild About Cupcakes" Party Package and Tutu..what came first?

I was a busy little bee this weekend, ok so yes I was suppose to be working on Halloween and a ton of other stuff, but truth be told I got a little sidetracked (happens a lot)! Check out our New "Wild about Cupcakes" Party package and tutu set. You likey??

SO the big question of the day is...What do YOU think came first? The egg or the chicken? No really..the tutu set or the party package??

If you guessed the Tutu are right!! Well sorta..kinda..I had a similar Invitation and Cupcapake Topper designs, but revamped it with new colors (to match the tutu set) and added additional items.

So you see..I got inspired and went with it..what inspires you? How do you come up with your party themes or designs? And when are you the most creative? When you are trying to be or when you are just not even thinking about it? Would love to hear your thoughts!

Happy Monday!

P.S. Both "Wild About Cupcakes " Party Package and Tutu set will be available for sale at our Etsy Shops (Tini Posh and Tini Divas) later today!


  1. oh my gosh, I have to show this link to my sister in law...that cupcake theme is TOOOO cute!!!

  2. Thank you Marissa!! I love me some cupcakes too!

  3. Cutest stuff ever on this blog! So happy I stumbled upon it today!

  4. Tutu and cupcakes... so adorbs! I think I will have this at my own party soon. Who DOESN'T like cupcakes right? :)

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