Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bloggy Update..and a FIesta!!

Wowsers! My last blog post was close to 30 days ago! Sorry I have been a tini bit busy! With what you ask???

Here is a list of my reasons (

1. My little guy (Julian) is on summer break. He and his sister(Izabella) have me running around here like a chicken without its head. The two of them together ALL day usually equals craziness at my house but I must admit..also alot of fun! I am enjoying watching them play and interact, love to see what they are talking about or what cartoon they are pretending to be in..or just have some fun outside! They are growing up so FAST that I am just trying to soak it all in!

2. We also decided to take a much needed mini vacay..nothing fancy! Just drove up north to visit my papa and take the kiddies to the beach for a couple days. Nothing better than some fun in the sun! It was so nice to just be and not think about work and my endless lists.

3. Super EXCITED about this! Ready??? (Drum Roll) The lovely Natalie Robles the President & Founder of CPN (the best Children’s Party network ever!!) asked me to co host the 1st CPN So Cal Meet Up and Fiesta. The fiesta will take place in old town Pasadena on the night of August 13th. Yep less than 30 days away! As you can imagine I am totally excited (ok..lets be real for a second..and a lot of bit nervous) to meet everyone! Especially the Special Guests, Jillian of Catch My Party (I love & adore her and the website), Carolyn at CHS Creative Productions (have you seen the gorgeous parties she styles??) Abigail from Paper and Cake ( a printable partyware genius) and of course all the other party chicas, bloggers, and crafty mamas I love! So grateful Miss Nat asked me to help. I was and am beyond honored! I am helping her organize and keep track of all the sponsors..who let me tell you have to be the SWEETEST sponsors ever! I can’t thank them enough for being so generous and not making me beg! Because I would..LOL just kidding..well kinda!

So you see..although I love this Tini Blog, it usually falls to the bottom of my list (remember the endless list). I know I promised this in January but I go again..

Dear Blog,

I heart you! I promise to blog more often (and not only about parties and work, but also about everything I love, things that make me smile, family, friends, and struggles). I promise to give you the love and time you deserve!

What about Rose you ask? Why does Miss. Rose not ever blog?? Well she told me she does not feel comfortable blogging..hmmmm. I respect that (I am still trying to twist her Anyhow, stay tunned I have a little something about Rose coming up this week!

Happy Blogging,


P.S. If you would like me to email you the CPN Meet Up Sponsorship opportunities me at or if you live in So Cal and want to join the party click here! Also be sure to follow the CPN blog to get updates on future meet ups..a Memphis one is already in the works!


  1. You have been busy missy! WOW! All fun stuff though : )


  2. The kids are so adorable!! You have been one busy gal. ;)

  3. wow, congrats on that great opportunity! Your kiddos are precious and that Halloween outfit you've been working on..OH MY GOSH, TOO CUTE! My niece needs that!

    Glad you're back in blogland!

  4. its going to be a blast! Pinky promise:)

  5. Tini Posh- you have so many great ideas!I have loved showing off your great work on my blog!! Keep em coming! :)


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