Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Finding my JOY!

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A little about ME

God and me are BFF’s...he is the center of my life and home
Married to a wonderful man that I love and adore
I have two kiddies, a very hyper but sweet boy and a bossy but big hearted little doll
My parents are my heroes
My family is my heart
My friends are beyond amazing

Life is perfecto right??! Actually.. not really, the last couple years I have been in a bit of a rut. It all began 3 years ago after I had my little doll, to be honest it felt like my joy was sucked out of me…slowly things have been getting better. Don’t get me wrong I did feel joy, love and grateful for all of gods blessings. However my anxiety, insecurities, and self doubt did take over a little bit.

I will be 38 tomorrow and I am giving myself the BEST gift ever! I will find my JOY this year! I am about to embark on a very special life journey of finding me again, I miss the old me like I can not even explain. The “me” that laughed more than worried and the “me” that took time to enjoy all the beauties of life! The “me” that can look in the mirror and not be ashamed and feel comfortable enough to say…yes world this is Me! 

I will accept the fact that yes maybe I am not the best crafter, shop owner, blogger, mother, wife, daughter, or friend and that’s ok! I will stop believing I SHOULD do it all and just slow down! Read, play, listen, and just feed my soul. I think I have been starving it a tini bit. I will let god lead and I will learn to just follow.

 I invite you to come along on my journey. I will be blogging and vlogging about my new and old loves (don’t worry hubby not that kind of loves), my joys and struggles. Things I have neglected, such as decorating my home, taking care of my body, feeding my brain, loving my faith. I will of course continue to blog about parties, crafts, Tini Posh and my family as they are a BIG part of me.  But I am ready to learn new things, create new spaces, let go of fears, and truly just enjoy LIFE!



  1. So excited for you! I will be praying for you and this new journey. I can totally relate to how you feel. I just had my first baby 1 year ago, and I'm finally starting to feel like myself again. If you want to read something REALLY inspiring, and someone who absolutley LIVED in JOY, spend some time over at Sara's blog. She is no longer with us, but her story will touch you. I will be praying for you that you will "find joy" again. I will be working on mine as well! Take care!

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  3. Thank you so much! I will be praying for YOU and your journey as well. Thank you for the link, look forward to reading it, I am so sorry she is no longer with us. BTW, just became your newest your blog.

  4. Amiga, this is amazing! Sadly, I know EXACTLY how you feel. I might just take this journey with you (even though I kinda already started) and I will definitely be following along. Happy early birthday my friend!! :)

  5. Thank you amiga! Very grateful for our friendship and the conversations we have about our similar journeys..I will continue to pray and encourage YOU on your journey! Glad to have you in my life : )

  6. Thank You for following me! My blog is not super exciting, (except to me, because its all about my baby) but I'm working on making more entertaining for others. I look forward to getting to know each other through our blogs! Have a joyful day!

  7. Hi Claudia! What a beautiful post! I am excited to follow you on your journey to find your joy and cheer you on. I think ALL mothers can relate with what you wrote on some level. Having kids is the most amazing gift but it does come with the sacrifice of losing a part of ourselves. This past year felt like my year to find the joy again and I am loving life so much more. I found myself getting too caught up in whether or not I was measuring up to other moms and quite honestly got too caught up with all the one upping that was going on in the party/blog world. It was time to step back and just enjoy how truly amazing life really is. I applaud you for giving yourself this gift. I have a feeling your joy is right around the corner for you!! Happy Birthday!

  8. Thank you so much Aileen! Your sweet words brought a smile to my face! Happy to hear that you have found your JOY! It is soooo true we can get so caught up in certain things that really do not is truly time for me to take that step back just like you and just enjoy life..thank you so much for is refreshing for me to hear that I am not alone and that it does get better! xoxo!!

  9. What a beautiful post Claudia! I'm so happy you're on your journey to finding your joy and doing all of the things you love. I would love to join you in your journey and find mine as well : )

    I hope that you had a beautiful and blessed birthday and keep those vlogs coming our way've inspired alot of people - including me.

  10. beautiful post :)

    Good luck on this journey. Love this honest and heart-felt post. Glad this will be a journey we will be able to follow through the world of blogging!

  11. Thank you so much ladies! Very grateful for your love and support! XOXO


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