Thursday, October 20, 2011

My Quick and Easy Halloween Decorations

I must start off by saying that I am far from being a MAJOR Halloween decorator type. But now that the little ones are getting bigger, I feel like I need to do a little more..for them. Ok maybe I did enjoy it a little bit!

I wanted a quick, easy, and inexpensive way to transform my mantel.

First I removed everything off the mantel.

Purchased these $1.00 black frames at Dollar Tree..yep Uno dollar!! I am cheapo what can I say. Looked through a zillion past Halloween photos and printed a few of my favorites (this was the hardest part!). Framed my favorites and placed them on the mantel.

I placed two glittery pumpkins (Target's dollar section..yes I am an addict) on top of my candle sticks. Added a "BOO" banner...from last year's FaBOOLous birthday party for Yaya (too cute not to bring it back out) and TADA!!! I know..not the most gorgeous mantel you have ever seen..but my kiddies love it!

Can you guess which "Little Rascal" they are suppose to be??

Like I said before, I don't decorate too much, but I do like to add a couple touches throughout the house. Don't you just LOVE this Halloween Subway Art?? Well lucky for is a FREE printable by the fabulous Laura of Eye Candy Event Details can download here and checkout her GORGEOUS mantel.

I saved the BEST for last..this gorgeous leaf wreath made by our little guy at school. Sometimes the most simple things are truly what makes your home..a home. Hand made items made with can you go wrong??!

How do you decorate your home? Are you MAJOR Halloween Decorator? Would love to hear and/or see what you did this year.



  1. I think that mantle is perfect. There’s no need for overdone decor when you have such cuties!


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