Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Julian's Surf's Up Party..was PARTY OF THE DAY at Catch My Party!! Thank you Jillian for featuring the party!! Catch my Party is a great website you can post your parties and view other peeps parties..love it..you are sure to be inspired by all those great parties posted!


We were also featured on Friday on The Two Savvy Sisters Blog! Thank you Nicole for featuring our party!! Another great blog I follow..you will also get tons of inspiration and ideas from their blog!

Thank you ladies!! We are new to this blogging world (which I have to admit we have fallen head over heels for)..so it's really an honor for us to be featured!!

Many Thanks,
Claudia & Rose

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Julian's Surf's Up Party!!

Julian’s Surf’s Up Party!!

Our lil dude turned 5!! I can’t believe it..seems like yesterday we celebrated his 1st birthday!!

As I last posted I had a couple days to bring his Surf’s Up Birthday Party to life!! Well with a tons of inspiration from all my fave party blogs..and help from friends and family..Julian’s party turned out great!! He had a blast!!

Here are some photos and details of his party...hope they help you with your next Surf's Up or Beach Party!

Made Julian a Happy Birthday Banner to match the surf theme and colors.

Julian's Birthday Cake and Cupcakes!! I LOVED the CAKE!! It was delicious!! Amy at The Local Bakery and Cafe in Upland did a fantastic job..not to mention I called her Thursday night, emailed her photo (photo of similar cake on The Party Dress Website) asked her if she could modify it to match my color scheme and add the number 5 and she was able to have it ready for us by Saturday morning!! Her prices are great!! If you live in the Inland Empire..you must call her..here is their website www.thelocalbakerandcafe.com. I made the photo cupcake toppers.

Guest Tables - Flower and Surf Board centerpieces, used Photoshop to add Julian's head to lil surfer body and added the number 5. Orange and Blue tablecloths with bamboo runners. Hung colorful lanterns.

Favors - the lil dudes got buckets and the lil gals got cute straw purses filled with sunglasses, beachballs, splash balls, water guns, candy and other little treats.

Julian's Fun in the Sun Photo Banner

Surf Boards (Thank You to my nephew Eric who let me borrow his babies!)

Food and drinks, our menu included "Big Kahuna Burgers", "Sandy Beach Hot Dogs", "Surf's Up Potato Salad", "Catch a Wave Pasta Salad" "Hang Loose Appetizers" and "Cowabunga Kabobs". We filled up a kiddy pool with orange (Gatorade,Hi-C, and Crush) and blue (Kool Aid) Drinks for the kids. I have to admit I got this idea from a blog, can't remember the name of it..it was a Phineas and Ferb party...if you read this thank YOU!! Great idea!! For the adults we had sodas, beer, and very yummy margaritas.

We rented a "Wave" waterslide for the kiddos. they LOVED it!! Check out Jules surfing down the slide!! A kiddy pool for the lil ones..they had tons of fun too!

Beach Ball Pinata

Kids having fun in the sun on the swing set, sand box, and tunnel.

Look at this cute surf photo banner..these photos make great memories. Purchased banner at Party City, its suppose to be used on a doorway, I tied it up to two tiki torches..worked great!

Just other little details (Beach Sign on fireplace mantel, tropical leaves, orange and blue balloons, little surf board tray filled with fruit, more paper lanterns, orange water balloons, beach hat hanging on tiki torch, cake plates, shark poster display).

Had tons of fun..Julian was wiped out at the end of the day and so was I!!! Mental note..next time plan my projects in advance!!

Thank you to everyone that helped!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!! Especially my husband who puts up with my creative illness..and is the best helper, husband, and father in the world!!


P.S. I ran out of time but wanted to make a "Surf Report", "Snack Shack" sign, "Stop and Take a Photo" sign.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sneak Peak Julian's 5th Birthday!

Have not posted in a while...been super busy (which is a good thing) ..been working on orders and parties..all the fun things I SO LOVE!!

Julian’s 5th Birthday is this WEEKEND!! Just started working on his party... I always think next time I MUST plan early..but I don’t know what it is about MY kids parties..always wait until the last minute..he is having a Surf theme party! He is super excited! Here is his birthday party invitation..hope to have tons of orange, blue, and a bit of green at the party..

Wish me luck..I have a couple of days to bring this party to life!! I Will take tons of photos and post sometime next week!



P.S. I will be featuring (soon) my good friend Lacey son’s (Cameron) 2nd Sesame Street Party..she did such a good job!!

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