Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Merry Christmas..see you in 2011!!

Sorry for the lack of posts..we have been busy trying to finish our orders before Christmas and yep..hate to admit..trying to finish our own Christmas to do list!! Running so!! But wanted to take a minute to wish you ALL a Blessed Christmas and a Joyful and Hopeful New Year!

This will be our last post for the year..we are so looking forward to 2011..and all the new possibilities the new year will bring for us and for YOU!! Thank you for all the love and support..many many holiday hugs!!

Merry Everything and Happy Always!

Claudia & Rose


  1. LOVE the pictures and same wishes back to YOU BOTH :)

  2. Ditto@love the pictures ... Merry Christmas to you as well TiniPosh Divas!

  3. Love these cards! Your children are gorgeous! Have a safe and merry holiday as well! :)

  4. Thank you ladies...too sweet : )


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