Friday, August 13, 2010

Featured!! Tickled Blue BaBy Q Shower!!

Great way to start the weekend! Happy!! Jillian at featured our Tickled Blue BaBy Q Shower in her newest blog post..Thank you, Thank you!!
Here is a copy of her post...

TRENDS: Mason Jars on Catch My Party

An unexpected way to serve drinks at your party is in mason jars. The nice thing about mason jars is that they’re not too expensive (less than a dollar a jar), they’re more interesting and homey than plastic cups, and they’re easy to dress up with ribbons, straws, flags, or whatever you like.
For inspiration, take a look at how people on our site are using mason jars to add a warm touch to their parties.

Ashley S’s Garden Baby Shower Luncheon

Tanya M’s Red, White, and Blue Backyard BBQ

Claudia S’s Tickled Blue BaByQ Shower

Kelly S’s Pink Cowgirl Party

Happy Friday!

P.S. Also, thanks Jillian for featuring Lil Al's Hip Hop party on the Catch My Party website! You are the best!


  1. such cute ideas and those mason jars are sold everywhere...probably pretty cheap too?! So cute! Love the cookies and milk party :)

  2. Me too..and those jars are adorable!


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