Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Tini Customers: Zebra and Hot Pink (Sneak Peak)

Our super sweet customer Valarie in Oklahoma emailed these ADORABLE photos of her lil queen Zoe's 1st Birthday Party! She will be emailing the professional photos soon..this is just a lil sneak peak..can't wait to see more!!

Thanks did a FABULOUS job!! I love love love it!! Looks like Zoe had a great time...cutest lil queen ever!!


  1. Cute print did you make the banner too? You are the most creative!!!! Glad your my bloggesphere friend:)

  2. P.S. I am so sad I didn't get one of those hats for Hal's 1st bday...what was I thinking? lol It is simply adorable.

  3. Hi Jackie, glad you are my bloggesphere friend too!! I didn't make that banner or hat..but they are both super cute!! I am sure Valarie got them on Etsy, I will have to ask her all the details when she send me more photos! I only made the favor boxes, candy buffet labels, and Hershey Kisses labels : )

  4. Rose & Claudia, Hi new friends!
    TY 4 stopping by my blog today & leaving such a sweet comment! I've been up & down yours & I just LOVE it! I'm ur newest follower! Ur work is super fabulous! Love the favor boxes, so precious! As 4 the banner, it totally looks like my friend Nancy's work from A to Zebra Celebrations!!! :)


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