Sunday, October 30, 2011

Our Lil Angry Bird

Julian is currently obsessed with all things Angry Birds! So when I asked him what did he want to be for Halloween he did not even think twice..he said the black Angry Bird. When I searched our local Halloween stores and online shops all costumes were SOLD OUT! I did find some on Ebay for $175..

Image via Child Costumes

BUT I could not bring myself to spend that much money (yikes!) and there was one little problem..the costume design. I was so worried Julian would not wear it because of his sensory issues. I love the costume but I don’t think that HE would have liked the way it wrapped around his head. I asked him if he would consider another costume..but he said NOPE.

I was giving up all hope..until I found Jen’s Etsy shop Squirmy Worms. She was sold out too, but I sent her a convo..begging her to please make ONE more. She was sooo sweet and agreed! Cannot tell you how grateful I am! The costume is BEYOND perfect and he LOVES it! You must check out her shop she has the cutest diaper treats and special baby shower gifts!

Here is our Lil Angry Bird at his school Halloween parade on Friday..he was a little overwhelmed by all the costumes and change of schedule..he literally was an Angry Bird..hehe. But he did enjoy it towards the end .

I also found a mask at the Softie Cafe Etsy shop. He could not wear it to school, but will wear it for Halloween. Keeping my fingers crossed!

And yes that is an Angry Bird Pumpkin he is holding! Can’t take credit for this super cute idea. Staci at Lizard and Ladybug made the most adorable Angry Bird pumpkins ever..check out her post here. Julian stole..I am sorry borrowed her idea!

For his classroom treats I cheated (gasp!)..they are not handmade by mama. It was a super busy week and had to think of a plan B. I was so happy when found these adorably spooky containers at Michaels. I filled them with candy corn and added a special Happy Halloween tag made especially for our little Angry Bird fan!

So are you ready for tomorrow? Are you a last minute queen like me? Do you have a lil Angry Bird Fan too? And need some Happy Halloween Angry Bird inspired tags??! If so... download your free printables here!

Have a Safe and Happy Halloween,

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Seven Years Ago..We said "We Do"

Seven years ago today I married the love of my life.

I can’t believe it..really seven years??! I can still close my eyes and remember that perfect day like it was yesterday, where in front of God, family and friends we said “we do”.

I remember feeling very nervous before walking into the church, but as soon as those doors opened and I saw him smiling, his eyes tearing up and the love in his face. I was no longer nervous and for the first time ever I felt God’s presence..and just like that my worry was gone. All that mattered was us taking our vows, promising to love and cherish each other forever and ever!

And to all started with one amazing kiss on the beach..13 years ago. I can still feel the butterflies in my stomach, the joy in my heart and the soft whisper of god telling me ‘HE will be your husband”. From that moment on, I knew he was the one, my heart was no longer mine..but his.

I am not sure what amazing thing I did in my prior life to deserve such a wonderful man. But I am beyond grateful, and thank god everyday for my Greg. He is such a loving and caring husband, my biggest supporter, fan, my best friend and the most amazing father ever.

I love that even after 13 years:

I can still look into his eyes and see nothing but LOVE

He still makes me feel like the prettiest girl in the room

He loves me just as I am, flaws and all..and would NEVER ask me to change

He still calls me everyday, just to tell me he loves me

We talk about everything and anything

Every love song is ours

He is so strong..yet so sweet

Together we get through the obstacles of life and he makes me feel safe

Our most perfect days are together..just us..just doing nothing

We still laugh..we still sweet talk..we still love

Today I reflect and rejoice on the seven happiest years of my life. Because of him.

Happy Anniversary baby...I would say “I do” a zillion more times to you! You will forever be my “Hermoso Carino”.



Thursday, October 20, 2011

My Quick and Easy Halloween Decorations

I must start off by saying that I am far from being a MAJOR Halloween decorator type. But now that the little ones are getting bigger, I feel like I need to do a little more..for them. Ok maybe I did enjoy it a little bit!

I wanted a quick, easy, and inexpensive way to transform my mantel.

First I removed everything off the mantel.

Purchased these $1.00 black frames at Dollar Tree..yep Uno dollar!! I am cheapo what can I say. Looked through a zillion past Halloween photos and printed a few of my favorites (this was the hardest part!). Framed my favorites and placed them on the mantel.

I placed two glittery pumpkins (Target's dollar section..yes I am an addict) on top of my candle sticks. Added a "BOO" banner...from last year's FaBOOLous birthday party for Yaya (too cute not to bring it back out) and TADA!!! I know..not the most gorgeous mantel you have ever seen..but my kiddies love it!

Can you guess which "Little Rascal" they are suppose to be??

Like I said before, I don't decorate too much, but I do like to add a couple touches throughout the house. Don't you just LOVE this Halloween Subway Art?? Well lucky for is a FREE printable by the fabulous Laura of Eye Candy Event Details can download here and checkout her GORGEOUS mantel.

I saved the BEST for last..this gorgeous leaf wreath made by our little guy at school. Sometimes the most simple things are truly what makes your home..a home. Hand made items made with can you go wrong??!

How do you decorate your home? Are you MAJOR Halloween Decorator? Would love to hear and/or see what you did this year.


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Finding my JOY!

Image via We heart it

A little about ME

God and me are BFF’s...he is the center of my life and home
Married to a wonderful man that I love and adore
I have two kiddies, a very hyper but sweet boy and a bossy but big hearted little doll
My parents are my heroes
My family is my heart
My friends are beyond amazing

Life is perfecto right??! Actually.. not really, the last couple years I have been in a bit of a rut. It all began 3 years ago after I had my little doll, to be honest it felt like my joy was sucked out of me…slowly things have been getting better. Don’t get me wrong I did feel joy, love and grateful for all of gods blessings. However my anxiety, insecurities, and self doubt did take over a little bit.

I will be 38 tomorrow and I am giving myself the BEST gift ever! I will find my JOY this year! I am about to embark on a very special life journey of finding me again, I miss the old me like I can not even explain. The “me” that laughed more than worried and the “me” that took time to enjoy all the beauties of life! The “me” that can look in the mirror and not be ashamed and feel comfortable enough to say…yes world this is Me! 

I will accept the fact that yes maybe I am not the best crafter, shop owner, blogger, mother, wife, daughter, or friend and that’s ok! I will stop believing I SHOULD do it all and just slow down! Read, play, listen, and just feed my soul. I think I have been starving it a tini bit. I will let god lead and I will learn to just follow.

 I invite you to come along on my journey. I will be blogging and vlogging about my new and old loves (don’t worry hubby not that kind of loves), my joys and struggles. Things I have neglected, such as decorating my home, taking care of my body, feeding my brain, loving my faith. I will of course continue to blog about parties, crafts, Tini Posh and my family as they are a BIG part of me.  But I am ready to learn new things, create new spaces, let go of fears, and truly just enjoy LIFE!


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