Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Merry Christmas..see you in 2011!!

Sorry for the lack of posts..we have been busy trying to finish our orders before Christmas and yep..hate to admit..trying to finish our own Christmas to do list!! Running so!! But wanted to take a minute to wish you ALL a Blessed Christmas and a Joyful and Hopeful New Year!

This will be our last post for the year..we are so looking forward to 2011..and all the new possibilities the new year will bring for us and for YOU!! Thank you for all the love and support..many many holiday hugs!!

Merry Everything and Happy Always!

Claudia & Rose

Saturday, December 11, 2010


Thank you SOOO much for helping us reach 200 Facebook Fans!! To celebrate we are hosting a GIVEAWAY! We want to keep it easy and fun! Winner will win Bling Tee or Tank..any size..from Babies to Mamas!!

Contest Rules:

1. Post our giveaway on your FB page or Blog and invite friends to LIKE our page
2. Go to our FB Page or Blog and post what you would like your Tee or Tank to Say ..Could be name, baby name, team name, a saying, a word...WHATEVER (but keep it!)
3. Giveaway ends Friday December 17th!

Winner will be selected using

Good LUCK Amigos!!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Holiday Tutus...17 days and counting!!

Holiday Tutus now available at our Tini Divas Etsy Store.

Cheers!...17 days and counting!!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas Tree Inspirations

We had a wonderful time at Tai Pan yesterday (greatest place ever!!) During the holidays they always have the most AMAZING are a couple of our favorite trees and other items...hope they inspire you as they inspired us!

Isn't that chandelier breathtaking??? Love love love the black and white tree..and the Nativity display was just beautiful (reminds us that Jesus is the reason for the Season!)

Happy Decorating!! 20 days and counting!!!!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Our Santa List...

Here is a list of things we SOOO wish Santa would bring us this Christmas!

  1. A perfect thing or place to store our ribbons and tulle..we love our ribbons and tulle BUT we feel like we let them down..there has to be a better solution than those unattractive storage boxes they call home..booo!!
  2. New fancy office chairs..yep we sit on our boodies most of the day (blogging, crafting, updating our Etsy shops, emailing...and so on!) Chairs that are not only comfortable but look FABULOUS would be a dream come true!!
  3. An office (aka craft room) that looks just like the crazy Christmas Target lady..have you seen her craft room??? YES..that would be SWEET!!
  4. More ribbon, tulle, and bling : )
  5. A Silhouette machine (since we’re dreaming!)
  6. Someone to update our blog, Facebook, Etsy shops, website, etc...everyday! (Ok every other day!)
  7. Interns, who can sew, read our thoughts, craft, take professional photos, and don’t want to get paid (since we are dreaming!!)
  8. Shelves in the garage organized with labeled baskets (Martha Stewart style)! Oh sweet hubby of mine..we have already taken over your space..sorry..let’s just make it look nice : )
  9. A magical movie or thing that would keep our children entertained for at least two hours of uninterrupted work time (EVERYDAY)
  10. An Easy button (like the staples commercial..but PINK) push the button and all our ideas would turn into reality ...without the misses and oops that was NOT suppose to happen moments! LOL!

That’s our Santa let’s just hope WE are on his NICE list!! What is on your list this year??? Do share!!

Merry Everything..23 days and counting!

*Photo from

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tini Customers: Lettuce Celebrate! Veggie Tales Party

Our customer Dorinda from Houston, Texas asked us to make a custom party package for her little guy Ju'elz. He is turning ONE and he adores the Veggie Tales! Such sweet cartoons with an even sweeter message for the kiddies! Loved working on this is a sneak peak...

My goal was to try to keep the design simple but fun! I love working with Dorinda (this is our second custom party for her)..her only request was that I add a different scripture to each centerpiece..such a lovely detail!

Thank you Dorinda for allowing us to create something special for your little guy! Enjoy the party on Saturday! Takes lots of photos but most of all have TONS of fun!!


Friday, November 19, 2010

Four Fabulous Parties (Reach for the Sky, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, 40th Birthday Casino Party, and Girls Night In)

This week was an explosion of CREATIVITY! Everywhere I looked there was a NEW amazing party posted..I couldn’t resist I had to are my TOP four parties of the week..

Reach for the Sky (A new twist on the Toy Story Theme)

Natalie from Little Shindigs..proved to us (once again) why she is the best at what she does and how you can turn a commercial theme into a so NOT commercial party! She did a wonderful job giving the Toy Story theme a new look, she focused on Andy’s Room (Blue Walls with Puffy Clouds)..AMAZING!

Here is a glimpse at her son Luke's 4th birthday party, a Toy Buffet (yep, this clever mama said NO to candies and yes to TOYS!)

You MUST visit her blog to see more photos and details (including her entourage of party peeps The Purple Pug, Paper and Pigtails, Socially Circled, Piggy Bank Parties, and more) who helped her make this party to INFINITY and BEYOND amazing!

Casino Theme Party

Brittany from Grey Grey Designs designed this Casino Themed 40th Birthday Party. She was able to give her client EVERYTHING she asked for..a FUN, OVER THE TOP, yet CLASSY party. This mega WOW party, I am sure will be an inspiration to many Casino theme parties to come. Her attention to detail is amazing, from the Card Garland to the Gorgeous Oreos.

Here is a glimpse at this fabulous casino themed party.

You MUST visit her Blog to see all the photos and details (including all her vendors which include Sweeties by Kim, Great Food Simply Done, Whimsy Cookie Co, J Herndon Photography and more) who helped make this party RATTLE and ROLL!

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Khaliah from The Party Muse styled this ADORABLE Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Candy Buffet! Yep, another mama that was able to transform a commercial theme into a fun and classy theme (not I love all the bright colors and candy selections, her containers and accents were a perfect choice. So many cute details..but I have to admit the Candy Mickey Head is my fave!

Here is glimpse at her adorable candy buffet.

You MUST visit her blog to see more photos and details including her clubhouse helpers (which include Stix N Pops, Allyson Jane, Doughadeer and Posh Party Pretties) who helped make this table HOT DOG good!

Girls Night In

Jeanette from J at your Service planned a Girls Night In at her home.drinks and laughs with all her besties. Look at her beautiful table..looks so ELEGANT and YUMMY! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE her cupcake stand and her backdrop is gorgeous!

Here is a glimpse at her elegant Girls Night In table.

You MUST visit her blog to see more photos and details including all of her yummy treats. Girlfriend has skills.

Hope you LOVE these four fabulous parties which reminded me of why I LOVE what I do. I have to admit at the beginning of the week I was feeling a bit uninspired and a little “why am I doing this??” But boy oh boy did these four chicas snap me out of those BAD thoughts. feeds my soul : )

Be inspired,


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Minnie Diva Party Package - Now Available

Introducing our Minnie Diva Party Package:
This Zebra and Hot Pink Minnie Mouse package has everything you need to make your Minnie Diva's party FABULOUS!

Happy Birthday Banner (includes bling)
5 Centerpieces (Includes bling)
20 Cupcake Toppers (includes bling)
24 Water Bottle Labels
20 Favor Boxes (includes bling)
96 Hershey Kiss Labels

AND FREE Printable Invitation

Available now at our etsy shop

Don't need a complete package?? No worries, individual items are still available.

Happy Planning!

Friday, November 12, 2010

CPN Craft Wars - Battle Numero UNO!

Mission: To create something creative, fabulous, and child birthday/party related incorporating a cereal box

Had to join the FUN!! Best part about this challenge..did not have to buy any supplies! Used left over scraps (killed two birds with one stone!!) Check out my crafty creation!!

Numero Uno Apple Jacks Birthday Hat

Made with a Apple Jacks, feather boa, ribbon, and BLING!

The little APPLE of my eye..Izabella modeling the blingy hat!

Come vote for my crafty creation or go check out all the other fabulous entries! Can't wait to see them all!! Sure they will be ridiculously cute (and way better than my hat..LOL!) Voting begins Monday, November 15th and ends Sunday, November 21st..Vote here!

Have a Fab Weekend!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sneak Peak - Holiday Season

The holiday season is officially here! Below is a sneak peak at our newest Holiday products...

Find our Holiday Tutus at Tini Divas Etsy Shop (click here)

Find our Holiday Cards at Tini Posh Etsy Shop (click here)

Tutus and Holiday Cards will soon be available at our website ( too..the FABULOUS Amy from 3cupcakesandblogdesign..has given Tini Posh a much needed MAKEOVER!! We are super EXCITED and GRATEFUL!! She did a wonderful job...if you are in need of a Blog or Website makeover.. she is a MUST..extremely professional, talented, and SUPER sweet!! We are in the process of reorganizing and adding new products..must check back soon : )

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Yaya’s FaBOOlous 10th Birthday Halloween Party!

Rose co owner of Tini Posh had a FaBOOlous party for her daughter Mariyah’s 10th birthday!

Inspiration for the party actually came from our Tini Diva Witch Tutu

(purple, orange, black, with a splash of zebra).

Check out Yaya’s FaBOOlous Party Details!

I channeled Natalie of Little Shindigs when setting up this Trick or Treat Table! During her chat on tips and tricks of inexpensive stylin on CPN, she said she would run around her house like a madwoman looking for items in her home she could use..

and yeah this mama did the same, not only my house but Rose’s too!!

Candle sticks, trays, wreath, empty boxes, anything I could find!!

This Manzanita tree has been the BEST $20.00 purchase ever!! Yep it’s the same tree from the BaByQ Shower and Roxy’s Quinceanera! This time I decided to add photos of the beautiful birthday girl, purchase these adorable frames at Michaels, added her photo and ribbon..BUT it was still not complete it needed some SPARKLE..added this adorable GLITTERY BOO centerpiece flag made by The Purple Pug and PRESTO..we got a centerpiece.

Now check out these super cute GLITTERY cupcake toppers ..yep the work of The Purple Pug again! Kristy’s work is AMAZING! Let me tell you we have tried working with glitter before and we get nowhere close to this perfection!

On Thursday the Amazing Genevieve of Celebrate Today the Superchick Way posted these adorable Glo Balls with Eye Ball Pops..LOVE THEM! But had to change them up a bit due to our color palette..found these zebra cakes..and again..Presto..thanks G! And who says a feather wreath only belongs on the door???

Another amazing crafty mama made the fabulous Trick or Treat and Boo Banners..Lisa from Party Flair Creations was great to work with..and lucky for us she only lives 10 minutes away!

Awwww the MESH...we so heart this inexpensive and great!! We draped it on the ceiling, used it as a table cloth, Rose even draped it on her chandelier (sorry no photo) and window looked fabulous!

What’s a party without a, love, love this spidey pinata auntie Claire

picked up at an undisclosed location..wink wink!

Some other small touches throughout the party..treats, glittery castle,

flower arrangement made by the fab Rose, glittery BEWARE sign, and some sweets.

Last but not least...YAYA! Yaya and her friends having a blast!

Happy 10th Birthday Mariyah!!! Hope you loved your faBOOlous party!!!

Love You!!



P.S. To purchase glittery goods from The Purple Pug go here, Party Banners from Party Flair Creations go here, and our fab services..go here!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Me... Pug Crush of the Day???

Seriously I don’t even know how I made it to the list..but it is sooo Fabuloso! Kristy of The Purple Pug has taken on a HUGE challenge..showing love to 365 amazing talented women, one for each day of the year..I love to read her crushes be included amongst these wonderful women truly is an honor.

There is nothing blah about Kristy..her Partywear is super glittery and fun! She is the master of glitter!! Her parties always look beyond perfection and did I forget to mention she is the Vice Presidente of The Childrens Party Network?? Yeah!! You would think she would have a HUGE ego and a Attitude..but not this Amazing Mama..she is the best kind of human there is..kind, funny, clever, and honest. She is a straight shooter, tells it like it is..reminds me of Simon Cowel (just not and I guess I am a little like Paula a little too upbeat and!! But everyone knows Simon was the star of the show..and so are you Kristy!! So Grateful!

Check out the Pug Crush of The Day...ME!

Pug Crush of the Day



P.S. Don't forget to come chat with me and the lovelies tonight at 6:30 p.m...after the chat "Craft Wars" details will be unveiled...sooo exciting..can't wait!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

CPN Hostess of the week...OH MI DIOS!

Oh Mi Dios! It's official, the banner is up! I am the Hostess of the Week at CPN! Super Excited!! Who am I kidding!! I am SUPER nervous!!LOL!

I heart CPN! Natalie and her Fabulous team of party divas Kristy, Kori, Debbie, Chris and Kim have created the most wonderful place for all party fanatics (like me). I am obsessed I tell you!

When I put the kids down for a nap, in-between work, or late at night I have to get my CPN fix! It's very addicting..where else can you find a ton of AMAZING party photos and inspiration or the most talented, creative, and SUPPORTIVE women anywhere! Who speak my language??? and did I mention..super funny..they make me laugh on my gloomiest days! oh..and a time saver too!! No more searching the web (like a madwoman) for inspiration for the next shindig or when I need an answer on "Where do I buy mason jars?"..Yeah you get an answer right away!! There is always someone there to help!!

You see my dilemma I HEART it ALL!! I don't want to embarrass myself and/or network and get boooed from this happy little place (well not so little..I think it's over 500 members!!) ok shaking again!!

So if you are not busy Tuesday October 26th at 6:30 p.m. (Pacific Time)...come chat with me and the lovely ladies! It's bring your own Mar"tini" night wink wink! My hosting skills will be put to the test..I promise not to use too much of my crazy spanglish and will try to get quotes right (bad habit of saying them backwards) and will try and watch my typos!

So what do you say?? It will be fun! Subject of the night...Advice for us Newbies!! So it's a MUST for you my sister newbies..this is your chance to come ask these brilliant super talented creative women the secrets to their success! See you there!! (I hope)



P.S. Can some of you BRILLIANT SUPER TALENTED CREATIVE WOMEN come too??? We need someone to answer the Q's!!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Tini Customers: Yaba-Daba-Doo

Don't you LOVE all the classic cartoons??? I know I do!! When Savannah's parents came to me with this theme..I was so in!! Everyone knows Pebbles is the CUTEST lil diva ever!!

Check out this Pebbles inspired party..I can't take all the credit..Fred (Savannah's pappy) was very much the man behind this shindig!

Fred spray painted the "Dino Eggs" and "Bowling Pins" to give them that aged great!
I loved working with this color combo too, pink, green, and black..bright and fun! Just like the birthday girl..hope she loved her 1st Birthday Party..I know we did!!

Yaba-Daba-Doo baby!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Tini Pink Giveaway!

To celebrate our new FB page we are having our 1st GIVEAWAY contest!! We figure might as well kill two birds with one stone! In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month we are giving PINK!!! Wink wink!!

That’s right divas and dudes we need to support our mothers, sisters, aunts, daughters and friends who fight this deadly disease everyday, some of our beautiful women survive, but unfortunately some don't. Let’s help spread the word on the importance of early detection! Let's go PINK!!

Tini Pink Givea
way Package includes the following:

Baby Rock Apparel - PINK Cherish Thy Father T-shirt (2T - 4T) Perfect for Daddy little Girls!
PINK Princess Dress (2T) -Super cute!
Tini Pretty in PINK Diva Tutu and Hair Bow (12 months - 3T)
Baby Bella Maya - Lollipop Leopard PINK Toddler Car Seat Cover - not all pink..but that leopard print is so darn cute!! rawr! rawrr!!!
Red Lion - Breast Cancer Awareness Socks - Tweens to Moms can rock these adorable socks!

Ok.. so we know not all of you have a tini one who can use these great prizes..but we are sure you have tini niece, granddaughter, or a tini friend who would LOVE this special gift!

Contest Rules (We will make it really easy!)

(1) Post on your FB page about the contest and ask your friends to come
“LIKE” our page
(2) Visit one of our Etsy pages
(3) Go back to our FB page, post a comment letting us know your favorite item and that you completed step 1

Simple right?? Contest ends October 31st..We will use to select a winner. Winner will notified via Facebook!! Tini Pink package valued at $150.00... Good luck Divas and Dudes!!!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Happy Monday..Featured!!

Yay!! Check it out Tini Posh was featured!! The fab Nicole at The Party Animal featured our Halloween Invitations as part of her “5 Fabulous Printable Halloween Party Supplies” honored to be featured amongst these four other talented women..check them all out at The Party Animal blog!

You will love her blog, Nicole shares Creative, Budget Friendly Party Ideas and Tips for parents. She wants all parents to know that with just a little creativity you can have a party that looks like a million bucks without spending it! Your a genius Nicole..Many Thanks!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Super Happy...Featured!

The wonderfully talented Nancy at A to Zebra Celebrations featured "Roxy's Quince" on her blog today!

Thank you so grateful!!


Sunday, September 26, 2010

34 Days until Halloween!! Lil Pumpkin Sneak Peak!

Can't believe Halloween is only 34 days away!! Is your lil pumpkin having a Halloween Bash this year? If so check out our new Halloween collection ( Find it at our Tini Posh Etsy shop soon).
Your lil pumpkin not having a bash??..No worries send a photo card to friends and family!!

Also, forgot to post last week (my bad) that we opened a 2nd Etsy shop for Tini Divas! Check out our Halloween tutus and accessories at Tini Divas!

As always Thank you for visiting our blog!! Hope you have a faBOOlous Sunday!


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